Grand Rush Casino

Want some advice? Need to know something before you sign up? No worries - using Grand Rush Casino should be a breeze and we think we've made sure it is. We offer support in several ways, not least through the mix of pages we provide at our casino. If you get stuck and need further advice, we're always on hand to make sure you find out whatever you need to know.

Contact us on our toll-free number

There's no charge for calling us, so why not pick up the phone and contact our team today? Our team members are friendly, well trained, and ready to resolve any query you have.

Live chat is available to everyone

By that we mean that even if you haven't signed up to play at Grand Rush Casino yet, you can still use live chat to ask anything you want to before you join. We don't exclude anyone from this service - and we don't ask for an email address before you can use it either.

Email is fine too

If you're not in a hurry to get an answer, you can email our team instead. Mind you, we still ensure you get a reply as quickly as possible, so you won't be left hanging. We think you'll agree that Grand Rush Casino is in a rush to make sure you get the answers you're seeking.